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Animóvel is a Portuguese company witch provides solutions for interior furniture, with contemporaneous design for chamber environments, sitting room, dinning room, as well as decorative articles.

 Established in 1958, the company has started his activity with the manufacture of classical furniture, in cherry wood, using the skill and experience of his artisans. The Animovel?s production was absorbed almost entire by the national market, and just a small part for exportation.

 Over the years, Animóvel, earlier perceived the need to attend the best marked tendencies, entering in the contemporaneous furniture area, in parallel with the classical lines.

 These days, Animóvel dedicates entirely the production to contemporaneous furniture, always looking to be on the segment forefront. Therefore, the company puts at client’s disposal the most modern productive resources as well as an efficient and dedicated commercial and distribution structure.

Animóvel, also dedicates his furniture production to Hotel Industry.

Nowadays, the Animóvel?s products are 80% for foreign market, essentially Europe, East countries and Africa.