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Logotipo comemorativo dos 60 anos da Animóvel

Furniture Solutions

Animovel is one of the largest Portuguese furniture producers.
Combining the production capacity with our professionals’ quality, know-how, flexibility to follow world trends and produce customization, we offer a wide range of furniture and decoration solutions. The existing collections provide solutions for the most different spaces: living room, dining room, bedroom, hospitality and catering, reflecting our values: quality, innovation, satisfaction.

We are the solution for all prescribers, from shopkeepers to decorators, from architects to builders, both nationally and internationally, our commercial team and our dedicated distribution network ensure a personalized and professional treatment, being ISO9001 proof of that.

Well with the Nature…

We have a lot of respect and affection for the wood we use. The lots are carefully chosen, ensuring a sustainable source and wood species to the production process applied to our furniture.
The treatments that are necessary to guarantee our quality comply with safety standards and all waste is properly processed. The smallest possible environmental impact is our way of giving back to Nature.

…and with the world

The respect and affection for Nature are also applied to people who come across our path, whether they are members of our team, suppliers or clients.

Our staff’s motivation is a key point. From the careful team’s selection to the definition of clear goals, including the implementation and compliance with safety and training measures. Our highest certification of quality is knowing that the human component involved in our process is committed to applying all its experience and knowledge into the creation process.

Outside our company, we try to interact with different region entities, participate in charitable actions and assist in their promotion and spread of awareness.

Quality Policy Disclosure


To be recognized worldwide for the design and quality regarding the manufacture of contemporary furniture.


  • Focus on the customer, in order to satisfy their needs and expectations;
  • Resources optimization, in order to ensure minimal ecological impact and waste of resources;
  • Promote continuous improvement and compromise with the Management System requisites;
  • Promote employees’ motivation, in order to ensure competence of the internal team.
we work as a team to bring your dreams to life